Keno  Keno is a lottery styled gambling game, and it’s simple to play. It’s believed Keno dates back to the Han Dynasty in China. The word itself comes from French and Latin, meaning five winning numbers. In Chinese, the word’s derivative was “white dove ticket” because the game results were hosted in big cities and transferred to smaller villages by carrier pigeons. Legend has it that Keno saved a city from falling during the war and has been credited with raising funds to build the Great Wall of China.

How to Play Keno

This fun-filled yet straightforward online game is about placing bets by choosing numbers between 1-20 on the keno grid, and there is no limit as to how many numbers a player selects. The greater the percentage of numbers you catch, the bigger your payout.

Decide how much you want to bet per draw, and bets are adjustable by clicking the arrows next to the selected bet amount.

Up next is where you get asked how many games you would like to play, and once it’s decided, you now wait to see if you are a winner. The system draws the maximum amount of numbers ticking off each one, and players receive a payout based on the amount of numbers they have hit.

Keno Rules

A Keno board has 80 numbers; however, players cannot select all of them. The usual amount is between 15-20, depending on the online casino as they vary in terms of their stipulations. Some casinos even allow players to play with only one number. As previously mentioned, that’s it for the rules; it’s a simple online game with Instant wins and few rules.

Online Versions of Keno

Several online casinos offer Free play and actual Money Keno variants such as:

  • Ultimate Keno
  • Keno Kick-Off
  • Vegas Jackpot Keno
  • Instant 80 Balls Keno

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