CAPTAIN CANNONS CIRCUS OF CASH SLOT BY ASH GAMING  Thanks to Ash Gaming, players can enjoy all the Big Top excitement with 25 paylines, five reels, and an RTP of 94.48%. Captain Cannons Circus of Cash is a slot of medium volatility and comes with a Progressive Jackpot and nine magnificent Bonus Games. Ash Gaming have also optimized this slot for mobile and tablet, and it is also available on laptops and desktops. The top prize to win is an impressive $5000.

Captain Cannons Circus Symbols

The low scoring symbols are the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A playing cards during basic gameplay. The higher scoring symbols are a bearded lady, a clown, a Seal, and Captain Cannon himself. The Lion is the Wild.

Captain Cannons Circus of Cash Bonus Features

The word B-O-N-U-S is at the bottom of the reels in this slot. When all five Bonus lights get randomly activated, the Strongman ladder takes centre stage by displaying the nine Bonus Features. A hammer throw determines the Bonus Feature that gets triggered. The Bonus Features are as follows:

  • In Reel Bonus, there’s s a Fire Breather, Lion Tamer and a Wild Elephant. This Bonus adds more Wilds to the existing screen.

  • The Caravan Side Show, and in this feature, you enjoy a pick round. Players can pick a win Multiplier or a cash prize.

  • At the top of the ladder are the big guns, and they are the Clown Car Free Spins, Tightrope Motor Bear and Captain Cannon. These main Event Rounds are where you receive 25 Free Spins or up to a 1000x Multiplier

Ash Gaming’s Captain Cannons Cash Circus is a zany slot, and there is never a dull moment as it has generous and varied bonuses and a Progressive Jackpot, undoubtedly the star of the show.

Zeus God of Thunder Slot by WMS

Zeus God of Thunder Slot by WMS  Introduction

Zeus God of Thunder is a 30 payline slot from WMS where you will be able to place bets ranging from $0.50 to $75.

Its fixed jackpots go up to $100,000 with the Grand jackpot being the biggest. There will be a maximum payout of $250 for the regular combinations. The RTP of the slot is at a good level, with the developer mentioning that it should reach 96.05% in the long run.

Bonus Features

Wilds will be represented by the Temple symbol. A 2x multiplier will also be applied to any wins involving the symbol. Wilds appear only on the middle three reels in this game. The reel symbols can be accompanied by different backgrounds. At the top of the screen, the Wheel feature will be triggered when three, four, or five of these backgrounds appear on adjacent reels.

There are a number of ways that the 3 in a Row Wheel can reward you with a free spins bonus, going to the next level, a Wild Zeus Spin, or the Mini or Minor jackpot. In terms of rewards, the 4 in a Row Wheel is largely similar to the previous option and you can win a minor and a major jackpot from it.

As a final bonus, with the 5-in-a-Row Wheel you have the option of winning either a Wild Zeus Spin bonus, some free spins, or one of the jackpots. Based on how many backgrounds triggered the Wheel feature and whether the extra bet was active, a Wild Zeus Spin can add from 4 to 12 wild symbols to the reels.

It is possible to get up to 100 spins for the free spins, as this number is determined by the triggering background and the status of the extra bet.


DESERT TREASURE BY PLAYTECH  Desert Treasure is an Egyptian themed five-reel and 20 payline slot from Playtech. Players stand a chance of scooping a bumper Progressive Jackpot when the Dollar Ball Feature is enabled. It has a superb RTP of 97.05% but behold, it’s an unwelcome Desert you are entering and holds all sorts of hidden riches. Discover the rewarding yet challenging terrain of Desert Treasure Slot as you place your bets.

Desert Treasure Symbols

The classic low-value symbols are the A, J, Q and 10 symbols and frequently appear on the reels. There are also icons like a snake, a spider, a scorpion, beetle and a gecko. The most valuable symbols are the Bedouin, Sheik Camel and the glorious Oasis, yielding generous rewards. The coin levels are between $0.01 and $1 per line, with total bets ranging from $0.01 to $20 a spin.

Desert Treasure Slot Features

Spicing the game up a tad, Playtech has added a handful of special symbols and features adding to the excitement. The first one is the Golden Cobra. He is not only a dangerous viper but the most valuable of the icons and the games Wild. The mysterious dark-haired Princess is the games Scatter symbol, and wherever she lands, she brings extra cash rewards anywhere on the paylines. Three or more Scatters gives you 10 Free Spins.

Bonuses are what all slot players enjoy, so look out for the Map and Compass symbol as it’s the dedicated Bonus symbol and will help you find your way to those lucrative wins. Line up three Bonus symbols and trigger the Bonus Round. Players get transformed into a desert merchant in charge of finding items that are up for sale. Each object reveals an extra cash prize adding to your bankroll.

The Jackpot in Desert Treasure is 10000x your stake and gets claimed when players match five of the Cobra icons.

New at the casino? These are the 4 mistakes you should avoid!

New at the casino? These are the 4 mistakes you should avoid!

Playing at the online casino inspires many players to the maximum. Due to the increasing popularity, curious beginners who know the matter only partially or not at all come to the online casino frequently as well. However, especially as a beginner, you often run the risk of making unnecessary and also costly mistakes that you could actually avoid. We have taken a closer look at the most common mistakes and we also describe how they can be avoided.

Of course, it all starts with choosing a trustworthy casino provider where the player feels comfortable and can approach the games. Casino providers like NetBet, not only have a great selection of games, but can also offer a complete service in the area of online casino, including security. In order to be able to be successful and enjoy playing, it is sufficient to follow our tips for avoiding mistakes.

Don’t rush – casino games won’t disappear

Many players are so excited after registering at an online casino that they want to try out lots of games at once. After all, everything looks appealing and colorful and then there are the table games that you always wanted to play. This variety tempts people to play uncontrolled, and that always involves certain dangers. Players need to be aware of the fact that each game has its very own rules and it is almost impossible to learn how to play while playing. This only costs a whole lot of money in the medium term.

This is why it makes more sense to limit yourself to a few games at the beginning. It is best to choose games in which the rules are already clear to you. For many this is roulette, which most players have already seen before registering at the online casino. You always have the opportunity to play almost every game in a demo version and so with fictitious credit to try out the entire game, learn and get used to its rules and design. This creates a real basis for the games to be played with real money.

Don’t miss the right moment to quit

Experienced players often know when the time has come to let the games rest. Proper money management is a key word here. This is where players think very carefully about how much they can bet in a day, week or month. Long-term success will only be possible if the necessary self-discipline can be applied in this area. After all, it is always tempting to try to win back money that has just been lost or to continue building on the winning streak that has just been established.

Knowing the right moment to stop is therefore a key skill. Every player has the opportunity to determine how he wants to approach the matter. If you start with 50 euros, you can possibly imagine that you will simply stop when you double your money on that day. If the first spin at roulette doubles to 100 euros, you have to stop and that’s it for that day. This is difficult for all players, but those who have the gaming discipline to act exactly like this will have success in the end and earn more than they spend. Of course, the limit can be determined individually, depending on how high the risk should be. Maybe you start with 50 euros, but want to stop playing only when at least 200 euros have come out of it. It is up to you, just remember to stop when you are in plus!

    1. Minimize losses & optimize profits

Many players who are new to online casinos don’t think economically, but just want to play. This is fun, but will definitely end in losses in the long run. Players who take a strategic approach are more successful. In the online casino, every spin is about minimizing the risk as much as possible. This can be by playing a bonus offer or by just betting a certain amount determined by the player.

It makes perfect sense to reconsider the stakes. Play with low stakes for low risk and with high stakes for high risk. Many strategies involve playing a few spins with low stakes and then slowly increasing them until the next win. After all, the next hit has to come at some point. In most cases, it becomes clear that you can only really win if you already have enough money. Only if the bankroll is thick and can endure a losing phase, the player has chances to also enjoy the profits in the end. Therefore, it should be carefully considered with how much funding should be approached to gambling.

    1. Simply ignore the offered bonus

Certainly, the bonus is not free money, as it is always described in many texts. It is money from the provider that the player is given to play with. It is not immediately withdrawable, which also immediately settles the gift character. There are turnover requirements attached to it, which determine how to make the bonus amount withdrawable as well. The rollover and the time period available for it are the indicators of that. So before each activation of a bonus one should always read carefully the bonus terms and conditions. Virtually every description is again interspersed with small changes. Be aware of that!

However, ignoring a bonus with fair turnover requirements because you simply believe that the bonus is not that important anyway is simply negligent. Good bonus offers exist and should always be played, because they offer the possibility to win real money with reduced risk. Since it is not your own money that is gambled away this gives you a great opportunity. That would be about the same as refusing free spins or not using a cashback. Only those who consider all factors and always take time to make the right choice to optimize their game can play successfully in the end. Very few people succeed, but it is not impossible.


New players in the online casino are usually impatient, but it is patience that brings success. Acquiring knowledge about the casino and games is a basic requirement. After that, the games should be tested for a long time, the support should be checked and only in the last step, when strategy and money management stand, the real money game can be started.